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Some Tips On Songwriting For Sync Licensing

There are a few general rules to play by to help give your songs the best chance of landing that longed for sync license.  I’ll talk about them here in no particular order. Write Loads of Songs Once you have mastered the quality aspect of songwriting and producing for sync, then it’s time to think […]

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Lyrics vs Poetry – What’s The Story?

You hear songs, you see poetry. But of course there is much more to the tale than that. It’s probably easiest to first think about what they have in common The basic and most noticeable difference between lyrics and poetry is that some sets of words are meant to be read and stand alone with […]

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Songwriting Tip – Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Someone once told me that the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask. Knowledge is gained through experience and by asking lots of questions. I would love to have a go at answering whatever question you may have about writing songs. Go on, just ask me  The music industry is built on networks and networking […]

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Songwriting Ideas Are Infinite And Sacred

My first piece of advice that I would give to any beginning songwriter is… “Never throw anything away, EVER!” Just think, that piece of paper that you’ve thrown in the bin with some half finished lyrics penned the night before might have contained the ideas for THE song that defines you as a performer, artist or songwriter. […]

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What Is… The Online Musician?

Hi, my name is Corey Stewart and I’m a songwriter, musician, producer and blogger from Australia and my goal is to make a full time living writing, recording, promoting and performing music and doing it online. Hence the title of this site being The Online Musician. My view is that to create a full time […]

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